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ID#480131 19-04-15 11:50 Ad viewed 6 time(s)

Protein Drink Nutrition Facts For Candida Sufferer

I am sharing what my friend has done to   Science-Based Ketox Review  address her candida problem and her problem, in particular about protein drink nutrition facts for candida sufferers. She has candidiasis and she is doing her regimen. Part of her regimen is to take 1-2 tea spoon of organic vinegar in 8 oz of water with honey prior to a meal. Her "meal" was a protein liquid so she decided that she better not take vinegar because she didn't know how her system would react with the vinegar and soy mix.

Now along with a meal, she is supposed to take another product to address parasites. But she was too scared to take that also, because she only had the liquid "meal" in her stomach, and she thought that maybe as far as the product is concerned that is an empty stomach.

So she asked to everyone, including me, about how is a protein drink viewed? The can says "ready to drink meal". Is it considered a meal-meal when one has to take medications that require food on the stomach?

Do you have the similar condition with above? Here is my suggestion. Although everybody's opinion may differ, it is ill-advised to use honey and/or vinegar when working on eradicating candida, according to most sources. And regarding the drink, if you have the protein liquid in your stomach (probably not 15 minutes later) you should be okay.

The most important thing about the drink is to check to make certain that it has no sugars of any kind (fructose is the most common inclusion in protein drinks, particularly the soy protein drinks, which claim to be a total meal). There are plain soy protein drinks with only protein, which you can take, always taking care to take a good multi-vitamin/mineral supplement daily.

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