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tressed Out? Stress Can Affect Your Health - Learn

If you are feeling stressed out lately, join   Brain C-13 Review the crowd. With today's hectic lifestyles it seems to become harder and harder to stay calm and relaxed. Not only do our everyday activities stress us out but many of us are dealing with other peripheral factors such as illnesses and family problems. If you happen to be a woman, well then - how many hats do you wear? Spouse, mother, friend, caregiver, co-worker, cook, housekeeper, household business manager, soccer mom, single mom; not to mention the other activities and organizations that you may be a part of ~~~ and the list goes on!

We have also learned that our bodies produce certain chemicals that are believed to promote these responses. Oxytocin which has a calming effect during stress and the hormone estrogen, which boosts the effects of oxytocin. Just a Note: Men on the other hand have high levels of testosterone during stress which blocks the effects of oxytocin and causes hostility, withdrawal and anger (that explains it ladies!).

How Stress Affects Your Entire Body
Understand that we all have stress at times. We may have short term stress with everyday events such as making time for errands, planning meals, dealing with homework or running late for work; this kind of stress generally makes us feel worried or anxious.

And then there are other times where we may be facing long-term stress such as chronic disease, life-threatening illness, disability and even divorce. These very stressful events may affect our health on many different levels.

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